If music is a language, if it communicates a certain emotional or spiritual content, then the noise produced may be more correctly described as a distortion; something that distorts, dirties the enigma, unable to be made sense of. The unconscious display of information of this music is such that the universe is calm, and if it's made from grief as well and tradegy, then all will be resolved within the realms of a higher harmony. Noise displays the world in such a way, that's the reason noise bands explores antihumanistic issues. That's the exact reason why noise bands concentrate on extreme debasement, obsession and possession- undermining the faith of humanism, and, that due to the individual consciousness and will, we can become the subject of our lives and with mutual effort we can achieve Progress and welfare. Noise bands explore this particular dark side creating distortion, a destabilisation of codes/enigmas, through which is generated a sense of the world and therefore making it bearable. Noise appears when language fails. Noise is the state of the worldless in which the constitution of ourselves is in danger, the pleasure which noise creates has its roots in blurring the meaning of us as single entities and becomes an ecstasy - literally, being outside yourself. S.R.

Pawel Tkaczyk - Moog Theremin, Moogerfoogers, Sampler, Synth
Piotr Pajonk - Electronics