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19 June 2018, 19:00

Untitled, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 130 x 150 cm
signed and dated on the reverse: 'P. TKACZYK 2012 - W.'

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untitled, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 130x150cm

2012 " I " - series of paintings <-- click

When J. J. Thomson presented his model of an atom, known affectionately as the raisin cake, for the very first time, no one would ever have expected the groundbreaking consequences of this discovery. Scientists such as Rutherford and Einstein soon followed this with investigations into innovative techniques to disprove his theory, and from this they developed the field of nuclear and theoretical physics. It suddenly became evident that our entire existence depends on fleeting impressions and misguided illusions, which are invisible to the human eye and yet control the universe. By the way, they are not impressions; they are real. Pawel Tkaczyk, in his paintings, seems to look into this hyper-micro world. When standing in front of his canvases, we are brutally dragged into an alien, yet oddly relaxing space. The art seems mechanical and dehumanized – supposedly created by some programmed machine. The existence of the painting is the only trace of the artist’s contribution. Moreover, the colour combinations convey flawless harmonies that seem to complement each other and subsequently tease the viewer’s most sensitive senses. Conversely, the paintings evoke familiar landscapes and human themes: a lawn in the sun, broken glass, road, blood stains… Tkaczyk plays with illusions, false sensations and optical perceptions by presenting the reality of the atomic scale. The worlds of particles seem to be included in his work as the stable pieces that create some static field. Stability. The works convey a space that does not include religion, war or politics. The abstractions become a manifesto underlining the importance of the utopian vision, a manifesto of the artist. The author presents a life absolutely separated from the restrictions of beliefs, political correctness or optical illusions based on culture or language. Nonetheless, he is unwilling to unveil the image of this newly created world, nor does he force on us any idealistic sceneries or blissful settings. Tkaczyk cuts out only the basic fragments of his vision. Chaos of the colliding particles around us contrasts with the perfect proportions and colour blocks. Their sharp edges, like a razor, refer to the sharpness of vision, lack of illusions and perplexing promises. There are no choices, languages or mistakes. Tkaczyk categorizes art as far from the ideal, but full of narration, which is why he only uses this ‘free-from-human’ abstraction. The flat surfaces, thinly applied paint and lack of visible brushstrokes highlight this approach to art. The artist aims for the less obvious, which is to separate the viewer and the canvas. He creates a new dimension designed for an enhanced version of humanity, in the hope that this will enable society to become more crystalized. Tkaczyk’s canvases enter the dialogue with supreme modernism and, frankly, this is not a pleasant conversation. We are dealing here with a conflict based on elementary nuclear physics. The paintings pause the chaotic movement of the particles and present a harmonious reality. The spectator is entangled in a network of misconceptions and becomes a slave to their own perception. The senses indicate that this programme reaches the desirable perfection based on the equilibrium: freedom. M.S.

DESA Unicum Auction House

Young Polish Artists

DESA - Young Polish Artists

Young Polish Artists

DESA Unicum Auction House

Young Polish Artists




Rozbrat 44a Warszawa

28 Lipca - 28 Sierpnia 2017


Oleandrow 5 Warszawa

27 Marca 2017 godz. 18:00


To celebrate the launch of Dry Magazine V - The Inquality Issue, we have joined forces with Danish designer Tobias Birk Nielsen, and made an exclusive capsule collection named Polarity with contributions by artists GORSAD Kiev, Francesco Merlini and PAWEL TKACZYK

This has spawned a carefully curated one-off itemed collection, all made and printed by hand to be showned at Gallery SORT BLAEK, and later to be released and available for in-store and online purchase during Copenhagen Fashion Week AW16.

Video credits:
Design & creative direction: Tobias Birk Nielsen
Creative direction, casting & sound design: Carl-Emil Storm Gabrielsen
Director: Julius Juul
Edit: Julius Juul & Anders von Holck
Cinematography: Anders von Holck
Make-up & hair: Marie Intile
Styling assistant: Susanna Zixi

Andrea Andersen @ Scoop Models
Jacob Benjovitz @ Unique Models
Sebastian Hvass @ Independent MGMT

Dry Mag V - The Inequality Issue

On January 22nd we release Dry Magazine V - The Inequality Issue at gallery Etage Projects. Come and experience the first printed version of Dry.

We will also be showing artworks and reproductions by Roger Ballen, Permaid, Romain Slocombe, GORSAD Kiev and Sasha Kurmaz. Artists all featured in the magazine.

Our capsule collection POLARITY designed by Tobias Birk Nielsen with contributions by GORSAD Kiev, Francesco Merlini and PAWEL TKACZYK will also be at display.

With this issue of Dry Magazine we focus on the growing inequality in the world. A report by Oxfam shows that unless the current trend of rising inequality is changed, the combined wealth of the richest 1 percent will overtake that of the other 99 percent of people in 2016. And this is only covering the economic inequality of our society. There is inequality on many other levels: all over the globe people are still being oppressed and discriminated against. Because of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.

What we want is to put focus on the issues of inequality in an artistic and abstract way - that hopefully provokes thoughts and conversation... And maybe even action?

Cover image by Permaid.