DEBUTS is the Poland’s first initiative showing what is happening in Polish photography – not among the well known, branded names but among people at the beginning of their photographic careers. DEBUTS means searching for unique and talented people who need help to spread their wings.

These 55 photographers, featured in the book, still have a lot to do. They are still searching, though many of them can already be said to represent conscious and thoughtful photography. However, regardless of their skills, their photographs cannot be ignored. Whether it be a record of everyday life, fashion or creative photography – it is always intriguing, sometimes mocking, and occasionally even iconoclastic. The photographs are sincere, resulting from an inner need to take them, and not from coercion. They are made without inflation, sparing in their means of expression, almost ascetic. They make us slow down, reflect, and think. They are not photos that merely want to show or introduce something; photographs we soon forget. They absorb with their composition, drive the imagination, free the thoughts.

Thanks to these works we can meet photographers whose talents and hard work deserve our appreciation; who – under favourable circumstances, strong inner will for further improvement of their skills, and a bit of luck – will gain international recognition.

Featured photographers: Dariusz Bareya, Marta Berens, Paweł Biedrzycki, Alicja Bloch, Paweł Bogumił, Tomasz Böhm, Kinga Brocka, Michał Czech, Katarzyna Dybowska, Katarzyna Gasińska, Mateusz Grybczyński, Mateusz Grymek, Klaudyna Hady, Nadia Issa, Weronika Izdebska, Jadwiga Janowska, Adrian Jaszczak, Mateusz Jaźwiecki, Klaudia Kaczmarczyk, Tomasz Kajszczarek, Arkadiusz Kikulski, Dominika Komowska, Antonina Konopelska, Yulia Krivich, Monika Krzyszkowska, Wiktor Kubiak, Piotr Kutolowski, Mateusz Leźnicki, Paulina Maciejewska, Katarzyna Maluga, Katarzyna Mazur, Marcin Minasowicz, Marcin Mirosławski, Kuba Mozolewski, Maria Nowakowska, Konstancja Nowina Konopka, Karolina Nowosielska, Anna Osetek, Karol Pantelewicz, Justyna Płaczkiewicz, Marta Pociecha, Kaja Rata, Małgorzata Sajur, Jakub Stanek, Maciej Świstek, Magdalena Świtek, Natalia Szemis, Marta Szewczyk, Paweł Tkaczyk, Magdalena Toborowicz-Kuranda, Weronika Tyrpa, Łukasz Ułanowski, Marcin Urbanowicz, Paweł Wieczorek and Dawid Żuchowicz.

Jury: Regina Anzenberger (A), Luca Desienna (GB), Ron Haviv (USA), Grzegorz Kosmala (PL) and Francesco Zizola (I).

DEBUTS is a long-term project under doc! photo magazine and contra doc! patronage, whose goal is to find and support the most talented, emerging Polish photographers.

DEBUTS (edition 2015)
Introduction: Grzegorz Kosmala
Cover: hard
Dimensions: 165 x 225 mm
Number of pages: 232
Number of photographs: 220 (colour and B&W)
Language version: English
Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS
ISBN: 978-83-939917-1-6
Premiere: May 28, 2015